The Value Continuum

Here at Chrysalis Energy we have defined our purpose as to the extraction of additional value but in addition we have coined the phrase the 'Value Continuum'. So what do we mean by these potentially nebulous phrases? To try and gain some clarity I think it could be beneficial if we just look at the two words separately and then collectively.

If we consult the Oxford English Dictionary value is defined as "the importance or usefulness of something". Similarly the word continuum is defined as "a continuous sequence in which the elements change gradually". In today's modern business environment we are constantly bombarded with phrases such as 'added value' and 'value proposition'. So much so that our business leaders are constantly striving to 'add value' from the products or services that they supply to provide them with that sometimes elusive competitive edge.

So let's explore the idea of added value by looking at the development of the mobile phone. If you are as old as me you will remember when the mobile phone wasn't really mobile. In those early days they were very large and very heavy; expensive to run and only allowed to you make telephone calls. The value of them was that they unshackled us from our offices allowing us to do business anywhere you could get a phone signal!

Fast forward to the mid 1990's and mobile phones have shrunken considerably, now they fit inside your handbag or suit pocket. More importantly the mobile phone manufacturers have provided tremendous added value. Now, not only can you make calls from anywhere but you can text, send email and even get rudimentary web browsing.

Moving to the early 2000's we see the explosion of mobile phones as a general population 'must have', not a business 'nice to have'. The phones have become smaller and smaller and now we see the development of the first smart phones. Here in 2016 your smart phone has become your third arm, you do your banking with it, order takeaway with a few clicks of an app, find out where you are going, stream music, watch movies and so the list goes on.

So where do you find yourself on the Value Continuum? What added value can you bring to the market place?

Here at Chrysalis Energy we will help you identify what it is that your internal process, products and services are trying to do for you. Are you just ticking boxes? What is it that your customers truly find important and useful? Where are you missing the point?

Whatever the answer to these questions, Chrysalis Energy can help you pinpoint those business critical factors that may be holding you back. We can support your journey on your own Value Continuum ensuring that you continue to be an innovating, profitable and sustainable business.

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