Project Assurance

In asset intensive industries organisations place a heavy reliance on their supply chain to add and maintain asset value. The reliance requires trust between the client and contractor. A key element of this trust is based on the belief that the contractor or supply chain has it's own robust audit and assurance process. 


Over many years consultants working for Chrysalis Energy have been engaged to independently verify the robustness of the contractor's project delivery processes and systems. This is the service we term Project Assurance

Specifically, Chrysalis Energy define the project life cycle, in three broad phases: Project Formation; Project Execution and Project Close Out. For mission critical projects, Chrysalis Energy would recommend that Project Assurance activities are conducted during each key stage, to ensure that project expectations, objectives and milestones are indeed achieved prior to proceeding to the next stage. Project Assurance should be an integral part of the project delivery stage-gate process. 

This tight follow through within each key stage needs to be embedded not only into the systems but also into the mindset and values of the organisation.