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Cyber Security and Digital Strategies

There has been a significant change occurring in the way business, commerce and communication is undertaken in the last decade. The internet has revolutionised the way we do business. From e-procurement to mobile banking to online shopping, we now use the internet to manage all areas of our lives both at work and at home.

Although initially conservative, the Energy Sector has embraced digital technology and innovations have been made, particularly in oil and gas exploration and extraction and subsea inspection.

However, as with all new technological innovations there are always unintended consequences. The most significant of those relates to digital data breeches. Indeed, hardly a month goes by when we learn of a high profile business being the subject of such an event.


In most organisations within the energy sector industry, cyber security is deemed to be the preserve of the I.T. department and by simply installing firewalls and antivirus software the organisation is miraculously immune from danger! The reality is that cyber security starts with people. To ensure that an organisation is protected, personnel's attitudes and perceptions towards cyber threats needs to be heightened. The organisation needs to make provision in annual budgets for threat management and readiness, security frameworks and cyber attack response and recovery plans. 

At Chrysalis Energy we can provide you with the support you need in the development and implementation of these essential elements of cyber security threat management. We can also enable you to develop your own digital strategy to maximise your opportunities in this new digital revolution that is influencing the industry.